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About Product

**Website Description for Peacock Polki Earrings:**

Step into a world of opulence and grandeur with our exquisite Peacock Polki Earrings collection. These stunning earrings are a tribute to the resplendent beauty of peacocks, known for their captivating and vibrant plumage. Each pair of Peacock Polki Earrings is a work of art, meticulously crafted to bring forth the majestic allure of these regal birds. Whether you seek a touch of elegance for a special occasion or wish to adorn yourself with the brilliance of peacock-inspired jewelry daily, our collection offers you a selection of timeless treasures. Discover the charm and charisma of peacock polki jewelry that promises to elevate your style.

**Product Description:**

**Name:** Peacock Polki Earrings

**Description:** Elevate your jewelry collection with our Peacock Polki Earrings, a mesmerizing tribute to the grace and splendor of the peacock. These earrings feature intricate designs inspired by the peacock's iridescent feathers and are adorned with dazzling polki stones that capture the essence of this magnificent bird.

**Key Features:**

- **Peacock-Inspired Design:** The intricate design of these earrings draws inspiration from the majestic peacock, with delicate detailing that mimics the bird's feathers and regal appearance.

- **Polki Stones:** The earrings are embellished with high-quality polki stones that sparkle and shimmer, adding a touch of glamour to any ensemble.

- **Lightweight and Comfortable:** Despite their striking appearance, these earrings are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

- **Secure Fastening:** The earrings feature a secure fastening mechanism to ensure they stay in place while you go about your day.

**Product Care Instructions:**

To preserve the beauty and shine of your Peacock Polki Earrings, please follow these care instructions:

1. **Handle with Care:** Avoid dropping or roughly handling your earrings, as this can cause damage to the delicate polki stones and intricate design.

2. **Keep Away from Moisture:** Remove your earrings before swimming, showering, or exposing them to excessive moisture. Moisture can dull the sparkle of the polki stones.

3. **Avoid Contact with Perfumes and Lotions:** Apply perfumes, lotions, and other cosmetics before putting on your earrings to prevent chemical reactions that may harm the stones or metal.

4. **Storage:** Store your Peacock Polki Earrings in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. Use a soft jewelry pouch or box to prevent scratches and tangling.

5. **Cleaning:** Gently wipe your earrings with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust and smudges. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Our Peacock Polki Earrings are a symbol of opulence and elegance, designed to accentuate your beauty and make a statement on any occasion. Wear these captivating earrings with pride, and let the allure of the peacock accompany you wherever you go. Embrace the timeless charm of these earrings, which effortlessly enhance both your everyday and special-occasion attire.

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Country Of Origin : India Imported/Marketed/Packed By: GBL Altair Pvt. Ltd. J 449/450, RIICO Industrial Area Sitapura Near Chatrala Circle Jaipur, Rajasthan-302022 India


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