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Vyoma Mythical Collection: Dragon Ring Earring - Majestic Symbolism

Mythical Dragon Design: Embark on a journey of mystique with our Dragon Ring Earring, an awe-inspiring accessory that brings the mythical charm of dragons to life.

Majestic Symbolism: The dragon ring design symbolizes power, strength, and mythical allure, making a bold statement and infusing a touch of majestic symbolism into your style.

Striking Presence: The intricate detailing of the dragon adds a striking presence, making these earrings a conversation starter and a unique expression of your individuality.

Feather-light Elegance: Despite their detailed design, these earrings are crafted to be feather-light, allowing you to showcase the majestic allure of dragons with ease and comfort.

Detailed Artistry: Revel in the detailed artistry of the dragon ring, capturing the mythical essence and creating an accessory that resonates with those who appreciate intricate craftsmanship.

Durable Mythical Magic: Crafted for durability, the Dragon Ring Earring is not just a mythical fashion statement but a lasting piece that adds a touch of mythical magic to your jewelry collection.

Affordable Majesty: Vyoma offers affordable jewelry that brings the majesty of mythical dragons to your style, providing you with an enchanting accessory that beautifully marries artistry and affordability.


Metal Type: BRASS
Design: ANIMAL
Style of Jewellery: EARRINGS
Stone Type:
Clasp Type: HOOK

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