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**Website Description:**
Discover the enchanting world of our Volumetric Oval Gold Meena Peacock Firoza Stone Pendant, a testament to the splendid fusion of craftsmanship and creativity. This pendant captures the essence of Meenakari artistry, adorned with a resplendent peacock design and a captivating Firoza (turquoise) stone centerpiece. Elevate your style with this exquisite piece that radiates elegance and tradition.

**Product Description:**
Elevate your jewelry collection with our Volumetric Oval Gold Meena Peacock Firoza Stone Pendant, a true masterpiece that exemplifies the art of Meenakari. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant is a harmonious blend of 22-karat gold, the brilliance of Meenakari enameling, and the natural beauty of Firoza (turquoise) stone.

**Key Features:**
- **Peacock Design:** The pendant boasts a mesmerizing peacock motif, symbolizing grace, beauty, and spirituality. It adds a touch of regal charm to your ensemble.
- **Firoza Stone:** The central Firoza (turquoise) stone is known for its captivating blue-green hues and is believed to bring protection, luck, and positive energy to the wearer.
- **Meenakari Artistry:** Our skilled artisans painstakingly hand-paint vibrant enamel colors onto the gold surface, creating a stunning fusion of colors and intricate patterns.
- **Versatile Elegance:** This pendant's design seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary aesthetics, making it suitable for various occasions.
- **Craftsmanship:** Each pendant is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of our artisans, ensuring a unique and timeless piece of jewelry.

**Care Instructions:**
To ensure your Volumetric Oval Gold Meena Peacock Firoza Stone Pendant retains its beauty and charm for years to come, follow these care instructions:

1. **Gentle Handling:** Treat the pendant with care and avoid any rough handling or impact to prevent damage.

2. **Avoid Chemicals:** Keep the pendant away from perfumes, lotions, and chemicals, as they can potentially harm the enamel and the Firoza stone.

3. **Cleaning:** Gently clean the pendant with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust and maintain its luster. Avoid using abrasive materials.

4. **Storage:** Store the pendant in a soft pouch or jewelry box separately to prevent scratching or tangling with other jewelry pieces.

5. **Occasional Professional Cleaning:** For a deep clean and restoration of its brilliance, consult a professional jeweler with expertise in Meenakari jewelry.

6. **Water Activities:** Remove the pendant before swimming, showering, or engaging in water-related activities to prevent potential damage.

Indulge in the world of tradition and elegance with our Volumetric Oval Gold Meena Peacock Firoza Stone Pendant. Whether you wear it for a special occasion or incorporate it into your daily style, this pendant is a timeless piece that celebrates art, culture, and sophistication.


Style of Jewellery: PENDANT
Finish: GOLD
Stone Type: FIROZA
Clasp Type: HOOK

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